Kai Mays and Trade -2011 One Foundation "for the love of running" tournament Partner

By the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government of Yantian District, Shenzhen Sports and Tourism Bureau, Shenzhen City charity, Shenzhen One Foundation Community Foundation jointly organized the Shenzhen Yantian District Sports Bureau and Shenzhen Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Association co-host of large-scale mass sports events - run for love? One Foundation 2011 Shenzhen (Yantian) Mountain Marathon (the "dark horse") at December 18, 2011 in Shenzhen Dameisha to Maluanshan Natural Park area held guide unit of this event is the Chinese Mountaineering Association. Ltd. Zhejiang Kai Mays as Race Partner delegation also attended the activity.

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Fitness coach to lead the participants to do warm-up exercises

        By the Shenzhen Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Association and Yantian District Sports Bureau launched the "run for love" campaign, cum is Yantian district government make full use of Aboriginal resources, exploration combine sports and culture, tourism, sports culture, an important development Shanhai event, also the first domestic public sporting events, from the first event, it will be the spirit of sport and charity combined, the combination of sports and tourism is widely recognized parties, but also enriched the cultural connotation of sports, has become Shenzhen Folk-known sports events. This year's competition is still beautiful scenery of Shenzhen Yantian Dameisha Xiaomeisha ~ ~ Maluanshan Natural Park area mountains were, two groups of men and women were all 42.195 km race, while half the group is divided into 21 km and 11 km experience group . Track and embrace the beauty of the salt 田山海, players will challenge their own limits on 42 kilometers of track, to raise money for public projects.

Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin, vice mayor Chen changed family, founder of One Foundation, Jet Li, Yu Liang, president of Vanke cheer for the contestants

Kai Mays and Trade delegation to participate "for the love of running."
        Start date of December 18, there will be some public-spirited celebrity stars to participate in the One Foundation "to do my best for all public service" under the theme, called on all participants in the Aboriginal Yantian this year in response to the game's slogan "for the love of running . " Jet Li One Foundation founder, Yu Liang, president of Vanke, the tournament ambassador article Per capita love to cheer for the players Dameisha Yantian. They said the current concern "for the love of running the" One Foundation 2011 Shenzhen (Yantian) Mountain Marathon, special attention to children and affected children. Star One Foundation volunteers Hong Kong TVB artists Li Shanshan, Bosco, although Nick can not participate in sports events, but also expressed strong support for "for the love of running" campaign. World Shi Nima Tsering, Wang Yongfeng, also participated in this event. 6986 athlete this year the number of applicants for the three years up to the next number, they are from 21 countries and regions, including 124 expatriates. Number of participants in each category as follows: the whole group of 1077 people, half group of 1253 people, 4656 people experience the group. Where as many as 68 companies participating.

"For the love of running," the official start
        It is understood that this year's event the funds raised will be used for one fund "One Paradise" and "Ocean Paradise" program to help more children in distress. Therefore, each contestant is a challenge not only the limits of self, but also personally involved in charity, which makes "run for love" Shenzhen (Yantian) marathon mountain beyond the sport, have a more far-reaching significance.

        Many three consecutive years "for the love of running," the athletes said that compared to other parts of the marathon, they are more willing to see the Shenzhen local movement itself has such a transcendent, more meaningful marathon, they want to continue to next year the love of running, but also hope that more attention marathon enthusiasts "deep horse", in "deep horse" for the love of running.


Participants in the 74-year-old man sprint finish competition

        2011 Race Highlights

        First, public participation enthusiasm, doubling the number of applicants

        "For the love of running" is not just a sporting event, but also deliver a strong experience of love, love to pass through the run and adhere to express love, show love. To participate in the majority of caring people, but also to show the love of this activity rich and extensive common behavior by communicating our love of life, caring for others, caring for the future. After the registration deadline, a total of 6986 people entered the competition, compared with 2010, more than 3,000 people involved in the game, more than doubled the number of entries. Fund founder Jet Li One person at the scene to cheer for the athletes. One fund a public star volunteers, including the event's love ambassador article, Hong Kong TVB artist Li Shanshan, Bosco Wong, Nick Per capita of this event was strongly supported. Race course less

Participants in the public interest the exhibition site for the One Fund
        Second, to create a public platform, the enthusiastic participation of many public organizations

        The tournament will be invited to Tzu Chi, Shenzhen Autism Research, Shenzhen Platt welfare centers, nearly 20 public institutions to participate, they will showcase their wonderful public projects, so that more people understand the public welfare development of. But also to increase public interest score of the tournament, even more clearly the role of Benxiangsaishi build platform.

        Third, the large group actively organized group registration, healthy way through this tournament to play social citizenship

        Recently, the organizing committee received the China Merchants Bank, Vanke Group, Tencent, the Agricultural Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Ping An Insurance, China Mobile, BGI, Yantian, Jin phone, Kai Mays, industry and trade, nearly 40 large enterprises Registration information units, they will organize employees to participate in this event, through participation "for the love of running." This healthy way to achieve corporate social citizenship.

                                 Participants at the scene interactive exhibition participant Public support one fund "for the love of running."

        Fourth, the One Foundation "One Paradise" and "Ocean Paradise" project to raise money

        This event and the Shenzhen One Foundation Community Foundation children's programs combine a stick every participant will raise the project to a certain amount of money for "One Paradise" and "Ocean Paradise" project, through their personally feel special experience to participate in social and public services; at the same time, public action, but also because many people participation and hands-richer content.

        December 3, 2010, landing in Shenzhen One Foundation, approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the official establishment of the Shenzhen One Foundation Community Foundation, has raised legal capacity to undertake independent activities. One Foundation to promote "the best I could, all public service," the public vision of one fund over the next three years to build the new strategy will focus on professional and transparent Yi Jin Gongyi platform, focused on disaster relief, child care, welfare personnel training in three areas .

        In the child care field, one fund attention to the needs of children in distress, particularly affected children, poor children, orphans and disabled children, children with special diseases, listen to their voices, improving their survival, education, health and nutrition condition, creating a healthy environment for the growth, given the opportunity to make it equitable development.

                         Jet Li and articles for award winners

        In the field of children, One Foundation's main welfare program are:

        Ocean Heaven plan:

        Dedicated to children with disabilities receive special type of timely and adequate and effective relief to promote their better development, promote special types of children with disabilities enjoy "ensure dignity, promote self-reliance, under conditions favorable to their active participation in social life, and enjoy a full and adequate living. "

        Children served by this program, is a special type of children with disabilities, children with disabilities is part of, in particular, are currently not covered by government benefits or coverage is inadequate to seriously affect the family household poverty and development has led to a special type of social problems of children with disabilities, such as disabled children with autism, cerebral palsy, a rare disease and other types.

        The program will actively help children with disabilities receive special type of timely and effective rehabilitation or treatment; special type of aid family of children with disabilities living in poverty; special type of psychological problems of children with disabilities and caused extreme cases intervene.

       One park plan:

        Committed within a certain range to address child growing allocation of resources uneven rides for children more affected areas, the poor western region by playing recreational facilities, improve children's living environment and improve the quality of life of children, brought disaster mitigation the impact of increasing the happiness of childhood. Also we expect the current situation in western poverty-stricken areas lack basic rides publicity to attract social attention, so that more effective resource injection in the western poverty-stricken areas have a more comprehensive development of children in the growth process, but also the children a happy, colorful childhood.

        In addition, there are frontier One Foundation Grant Program, orphans plans and other public programs, services for different groups of children.

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