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IPO e-commerce department is actively preparing for the 11.11

The annual E-shopping festival is just around the corner, IPO e-commerce depatment is actively preaparting for the biggest shopping carnival.
In 3 minutes, 2014 Tmall 1111 shopping Carnival’s total turnover was over one billion yuan. Average turnover was more than 3 billion yuan per minute. In 2013 it took Tmall 6 minutes and 7 seconds to reach this figure.But 2014 it was  three minutes faster. 5 minutes and 17 seconds, the new total turnover was more than 20 billion yuan. 38 minutes, the total turnover was over 100 billion yuan. Compared with 2013, only the opening minute’s data was clearly at least over two times.On November 11, 2014 morning, 137 million people poured into the Tmall within a minute, which was equivalent to half of the city of Beijing people out shopping. Among them, 340,000 “cut hand party” grabed their favorite goods at this minute.
Let's looking forward 2015 e-shopping carnival coming!




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